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Spotlight of the Week: Adam Studer

Adam Studer
This week’s Northway Spotlight is Adam Studer!
Adam is a creative for our group. He is currently attending SCTCC and is looking to earn his Advertising Communication and Design degree as well as a Web Design degree. Adam is from St. Cloud, Minnesota. In his free time he enjoys producing hip hop and dubstep music, golfing, skateboarding, photography, and playing solitaire. One of Adma’s career goals is to build an agency that pushes the limits of technology and media in advertising. 
When asked whether he would like the ability to fly or read people’s minds, he would read minds, as long as he could turn it off. If Adam could go back to any time era, he would choose to go back to the 50’s, when vintage was modern. If he could eat one meal for the rest of his life, he would eat $5 Hot and Ready pizza from Little Caesar’s. Adam is inspired by his mother, because she is a tough cookie that raised 3 boys in what seemed to be several impossible situations. Adam’s favorite word is dude, because you can have a conversation with someone by repeating it in different tones. If he could learn do do anything he would learn to fly a small plane, so he can fly to different places and when asked the question: Where’s Waldo? Adam responded with, “Ask my kids. I can never find Waldo, too distracting. I’ll look for Carmen Santiago; yeah, I’m that old”.
That is this week’s Northway Spotlight Adam Studer!
Check back next week for another Northway Spotlight where we feature the members of the Northway Group!

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