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Spotlight of the Week: Josh Kardell

Josh Kardell
This week’s second Northway Spotlight is Josh Kardell.
Josh Kardell is a Creative for our group. He is currently attending SCTCC and is double majoring, earning his Advertising Communication & Design degree, along with a degree in Web Design. He is from Sauk Rapids, MN. In his free time, Josh likes to play pond hockey and video games. 
In five years Josh sees himself making a lot of money, having a good job, owning a house, and having a family. When asked if he would rather have the ability to fly or the ability to read people’s minds, Josh would want the ability to fly so he could travel. If Josh could go back to any time era he would want to go to the Wild West! If he could have one meal for the rest of his life he would choose pizza. Josh is inspired by his mom and Batman. His favorite word is shrub, he would like to learn how to program, and when asked Where’s Waldo? Josh replied: chilling with Elvis and Amelia Earhart on a deserted island. 
That is this week’s second Northway Spotlight Josh Kardell.
Check back next week for another Northway Spotlight, where we highlight members of The Northway Group.

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