The Northway Group

Reconnect with Noah

Noah is a creative in his second semester with the group. His interests lie in photography and graphic design. He uses Instagram for photography ideas and twitter for humorous entertainment. In a movie about his life, he would be played by the late Paul Walker. In the future, he wants to work as a designer and photographer.

Reconnect with Hannah

This is Hannah’s third semester in the group. As a creative, she enjoys graphic design, photography, painting, and video editing. In her free time, she enjoys listening to BTS. She has worked with the Sartell high school theater program for the last six years; mentoring students on photography and design techniques.

Say Hello to Brooke

Brooke is new to the group this semester. She is a creative who loves all things Disney. She says Disneyland is the place where she is most happy and worry free. She loves traveling to California for the warm weather and beautiful scenery. In the future, she wants to travel to Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Italy, Australia, and Brazil.

Reconnect with Rebecca

Rebecca, or Becca as her friends call her, is returning for her fifth semester with the group. As a project manager and creative, she remembers working for some amazing clients in previous semesters. In her free time, she enjoys watching Anna Kendrick movies. During high school, she took a trip to Europe for two weeks.

Say Hello to Shane

Shane is new to the group this semester. As a creative, he enjoys learning new skills; graphic design, playing the guitar, and snowboarding. As a pro snowboarder, he won first place in the 2010 Volcom National Championship Rail Jam and has even competed in Tokyo, Japan. He is inspired by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Reconnect with Morgan

Morgan is returning for her second semester with the group. As a CEO and creative, she enjoys the design process and seeing the results of her work. When she needs a laugh, she likes to watch John Krasinski movies. She hopes to work as free-lance graphic designer. Her mantra is everything happens for a reason.