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Catching Up with Haley Tikalsky

Haley Tikalsky of The Northway Group


Haley’s back & we couldn’t be happier!

Haley is a second-year student in the Marketing and Design program. She chose the MKAD program because she was interested in logo design. Being able to talk to anyone is definitely one of Haley’s strengths. She also stays very organized! Her favorite part of being in the Northway group is the camaraderie.

In 10 years, Haley would like to be living with her dogs in Minnesota while having a successful career in marketing.

Fun Facts About Haley:

  • Her favorite throwback era is either the 1970’s or 1980’s
  • Her favorite design trend is the Victorian look
  • Her favorite font is anything scripture
  • Her favorite software is Adobe Illustrator
  • Her favorite emoji is the smiley face with sunglasses

We are happy to have Haley in class! 

Client’s Choice: Josh with HFHC

 Josh with HFHC


 Client’s Choice

Chosen Designer: Josh Miller, Graphic Designer & CEO

Client: Happy Feet Hoof Care

Account Executive: Olivia Lamont

Pieces: Logo, business card, informative flyer, and a truck decal


The Story Behind the Artwork

Happy Feet Hoof Care’s John Middleton came to The Northway Group looking to have us create a logo, business card, an informative flyer about his business/offered services and a big decal for his truck. He also knew he wanted his favorite color to be incorporated, orange. Josh spent four hours, using Adobe Illustrator, designing for HFHC. John was blown away and so were we! We are lucky to have such talent on our team.

Congratulations to Josh for being the client choice! 


Welcoming Riley to the Team

Get to Know Riley!

Riley is a first-year student in the Marketing and Design program. He is one of our new graphic designers and a self-proclaimed nerd who works great under pressure. Like all of us here at The Northway Group, Riley is looking forward to working with real clients.

In 10 years, Riley would like to be working t-shirt and logo designs. In the past, Riley hasn’t had the opportunity to be creative in a job setting so he is ready to take this semester head-on!

Fun Facts About Riley:

  • His likes serif fonts
  • His favorite software to use is Adobe InDesign
  • His favorite thing to do is play Dungeons & Dragons
  • He enjoys comedy

We are happy to have Riley on our team and can’t wait to see him get creative this semester.

Client’s Choice: Olivia with WWBD

Olivia and WWBD designs

Client’s Choice

Chosen Designer: Olivia Lamont, Graphic Designer & CEO

Client: What Would Bri Do Inc.

Account Executive: Luke Payne

Pieces: Flyer, program (with auction bill), and tickets for “An Evening of Hope”


The Story Behind the Artwork

What Would Bri Do’s Tammy Kruzel came to The Northway Group looking for a flyer, a program booklet, and tickets to be designed for their upcoming, annual event. She pulled the inspiration for her designs from the name of the event “An Evening of Hope” and from the

Tammy’s color request. When Olivia’s design was first chosen by the client, she had already spent twelve hours on it!  Since then, she has doubled the number of hours and the client left 100% satisfied. We can always count on Olivia to follow through and leave the client with a smile.

Congratulations to Olivia for being the client choice!

Welcoming Todd Adams to the Team

Todd Adams of the Northway Group

Get to know Todd!

Todd Adams is a new graphic designer in The Northway Group and a first-year student in the MKAD program. He chose the Marketing and Design program because he has enjoyed creating art since his Freshman Year of high school!

In 10 years, Todd would like to be a graphic designer at a gaming company. Until then, he is excited to get the chance to interact with clients from the real world.

Fun Facts About Todd:

  • His favorite design throwback era is the 1990’s because of its wackiness
  • His favorite software is Abode Photoshop
  • He enjoys card games
  • His favorite emoji is the one with its tongue sticking out

Todd is a team player who enjoys helping people out, which is one of the many reasons we are excited to have him on our team!

Welcoming Angie Kasparek to the Team

Angie Kasparek of The Northway Group

Get to Know Angie!

Angie Kasparek is a first-time account executive lead this semester and always gives 100% in everything she does. She is an outgoing person that likes to challenge herself, so the Marketing and Design program was a perfect fit!

Angie is looking forward to working with real clients and gaining even more knowledge of the industry.

Fun Facts About Angie:

  • Her favorite design throwback era is either the 1920’s or 1930’s
  • Her favorite font is American Typewriter
  • Her favorite software is Adobe Photoshop
  • She really likes using bright, bold colors
  • Her favorite emoji is the laughing/crying face

We are very lucky and excited to have Angie on our team!