The Northway Group

Meet Rebecca Erickson

Rebecca is a creative this semester. She chose the MKAD program because she likes to draw and come up with new designs. Her favorite part of being in The Northway Group would be the great energy everyone has in class. She believes that the students get along very well, that they really try to helps each other to be the best designer they can be.

In 10 years, she wants to be married and owning her own business. She would like to be in the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area. She can come up with new designs quickly and enjoys talking to people. She believes that the best decade would be the 2000’s. To her, it started to be a cleaner look to designs and was not as busy and does not have too many colors.  Rebecca’s favorite design trend would be a more modern feel. She likes the clean look with the slight textures and the simple color palettes. Her favorite font would be anything that is easy to read with a mixture of thin and thick lines. Her favorite software would be Adobe Illustrator because it was the first software she learned to use, and it is the most versatile.  

We are happy to have Rebecca on the team!

Meet Jasmine Pelzer

Jasmine is a graphic designer and our website lead this semester. She chose the Marketing and Design program because she’s always been interested in the way advertising works and that there is such a creative side to it. Her favorite part about being in The Northway Group is how everyone receives the same guidelines from a client, yet the outcomes are always so different.  

In 10 years, she hopes to see herself with a marketing or design job based out of Minnesota that hopefully involves traveling. She believes that all the decades have their own unique spin on designs, but she really likes the opportunities that the current decade brings with the technology and effects. Currently, her favorite design trend would be duotone photos. She doesn’t have a specific font that she likes but types of fonts that she does like are the bold, unique or script fonts. Her favorite software is Adobe Illustrator but it really depends on what type of design the client is looking for. Although, it changes all the time, right now her most used emoji would be the cartwheeling girl.  

We are thankful to have Jasmine on the team! 

Meet William Mills

This semester, Will is one of our CEO’s and a creative. He chose the Marketing and Design program because he’s always wanted to be a graphic designer. When he was younger, he wanted to try something with graphic design to get experience but didn’t have funds.

In 10 years, he hopes to be owning a business or working for an established business. He likes to learn new things and enjoys experimenting with different design programs. His favorite part of The Northway Group would be meeting the different types of clients and doing work for them. His favorite decade, regarding design would be this decade, because there’s a mix of everything. He believes that there isn’t really a wrong way to do things, and there is so much that you can do. His favorite design trend would be the use of lots of color, but a few effects that he likes are gradients and layer masks. As for his favorite font, he would have to say san serif fonts. His favorite software would be Adobe Illustrator.


Meet Travis Vander Weyst

Travis is a second year student in the Marketing and Design Program at SCTCC. This semester he is our Account Executive Lead and a creative. Travis chose the MKAD program because he wanted to create something that made an impact. He’s always has been very interested in advertising and different marketing tactics. He believes that The Northway Group is a wonderful experience and he likes having the opportunity to work with other individuals in the program and seeing what they come up with.

In 10 years, Travis sees himself as a sustained, professional, and yet still a fun-loving individual. He’s always had the drive to better himself and create new and powerful pieces. Once he gets started on a project, Travis says it’s hard to get him to stop! He’s dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to finish the project, just how the client wanted. He’s great at working with clients and communicating with the other Account Executives. He loves modern design because of the use of intricate line movements, and the simplicity. Helvetica is one of his favorite fonts due to its power in advertising, its influence in typography and that it’s easy on the eyes, easily recognizable, and can be implemented in so many ways. In his opinion, Adobe Illustrator is one of the best designs software’s, because there are so many ways to use it.

We are happy to have Travis on the team! 

Meet Mackenzie Field

Mackenzie is a second year in the Marketing and Design program and she is a current creative for the Northway Group. Mackenzie chose the Marketing and Design program after being on her high school yearbook team for 3 years. She enjoyed designing pages and has been told that she is good at writing. So, she wanted to pursue a career where she can use both her design skills and writing skills. Mackenzie’s favorite part of the Northway Group is that it is a fun and an interactive way to learn and gain experience.

In 10 years, Mackenzie would like to be married with kids and a successful career. There is no particular decade that she is drawn to because she believes that we can get ideas from different decades and make it into our own design. Mackenzie is a fan of the scripture fonts or a more clean/modern looking font depending on what design she is doing. The trend that she likes the most right now is movement, she got inspiration after seeing moving words on a restaurants web page. She likes using Adobe Illustrator because it is easy to use and her favorite emoji is the crying/ laughing face.

The Northway Group is glad to have Mackenzie on board!