The Northway Group

Meet Myrvan Halleland

Myrvan is an account executive and creative this semester in The Northway Group. He chose the Marketing and Design program because he has always been interested in marketing. When he was a kid, he used to watch the ads during the commercials instead of watching movies. When the movie would come on again, he would play with his toys instead of watching the movie. His favorite part of The Northway Group would be that he enjoys getting to talk with his nice classmates and loves the atmosphere.

In 10 years, he hopes to be able to shoot music videos and become a music video director. This applies to what his favorite software; Adobe Premiere (which is for video editing). He believes that the best decade would be the one we are in now because we are able to learn from other ones and this decade just has cool designs. His favorite trend would be more of the ‘retro faded out film’ look. His favorite font would be Helvetica because it is simple and tends to look good on everything. His most used emoji would either be the crying laughing face and the crying emoji with the tears coming down the face.

We are glad to have Mryvan on the team!

Meet Randy Bray

Randy is a creative this semester. He chose the Marketing and Design program because he’s a fan of anything that has to do with design. Ever since he was little, he’s wanted to be a graphic designer. When he heard about the Marketing and Design program, he thought that it would be a good experience and was something that he was interested in. His favorite part of The Northway Group is the ability to bounce ideas off peers because they may have a different idea or design for the same project or design for a client. Ultimately it is always good to get another perspective.

In 10 years, Randy hopes to see himself with a loving family in an executive position in his degree field. As of now, he doesn’t have a company in mind. He considers himself to be outgoing and friendly person. To Randy, the best decade based on design would be the 1940s because everything is hand drawn.

His favorite design trend would be minimalism because you are playing with a lot of white space, and it makes it appealing to the eye. He doesn’t have a favorite font because according to him it depends on the design that the designer may be working on and what works for what the clients want. His favorite software is would be Photoshop. Although, he is starting to like Illustrator because he likes knowing his art is going to be vectorized and won’t be pixelated when the size is changed. His most used emoji would be the heart emoji because he is a very affectionate person.

We are happy to have Randy on the team.

Meet Monica Ruhland

Monica is a CEO for The Northway Group this semester. She is a creative and in her second year of the Marketing and Design program here at SCTCC. She chose the Marketing and Design program, because it has a nice broad spectrum and you can go into anything. She thought of going into business more than the creative side, but she is okay with something with a little bit of both. Her favorite part of The Northway Group would be getting along with everyone and creating new friendships. Also, she likes that The Northway Group gives you real-world experience with real clients.

In 10 years, she hopes to see herself in the real-estate market. She is planning on moving to Texas soon, so she hopes to have a thriving career there. She believes that the decade with the best design would be the 60s. Her favorite design trend would be simple. Her favorite software would be Illustrator because it is easier as a designer for her. Her most used emoji would either be the crying laughing face emoji or the heart.

We are thankful to have Monica on the team!

Meet Haley Tikalsky

Haley is a second-year Marketing & Design student in The Northway Group. She chose this program because she likes to design logos for a wide variety of clients. Haley has the strength of being able to talk to everybody, as starting conversations comes easy for her. Haley’s favorite part of the Northway Group is that all the students work together and act like a big, advertising family.

In 10 years, Haley would like to be living in Minnesota and have a successful job. She is into the 1970’s and 1980’s for her favorite decade design. She enjoys a vintage look, which plays into her favorite font type- scripture. Her favorite software is Illustrator because it is able work with other software and is the easy to draw designs in. Haley’s favorite emoji is the smiley face with sunglasses.

We enjoy having Haley in The Northway Group!

Meet Olivia Lamont

Olivia is currently a CEO with the Northway Group. Olivia chose the Marketing & Design program because she has always been a fan of art and wanted to find a way to make a good career with drawing. The strengths that Olivia has is that she is good at taking charge when it is needed and can motivate people to help them become better designers. Olivia’s favorite part of the Northway Group is the variety of clients with different types of design requests.

In 10 years, Olivia would like to be running her own business in Minnesota. Olivia’s favorite decade of design is the 1970’s because the colors are vibrant and she enjoys the floral designs. She has two favorite fonts, Bevas Neu and Amper Sans. Olivia likes to stick to the simple and modern design trends. Olivia likes to use Illustrator because it is vector based and she can use it alongside other programs. Her favorite emoji is the crying laughing face.

The Northway Group is happy to have Olivia on the team!

Meet Josh Miller

Josh is currently a design lead in the Northway Group. Josh chose the Marketing & Design program because he likes to solve problems creatively and is a very visual person. Some of Josh’s strengths are that he is good at visualizing art and creating different designs. Josh’s favorite part of the Northway Group is the team experience it gives each of the students.

In 10 years, Josh wants to move and work at a great job. Josh likes the outdoors and feeling alive. With being an outdoorsmen Josh enjoys the badge look to his designs, he likes bold likes and shapes with simple colors. Josh’s favorite font is Summit Rounded Heavy. The 1980’s and 1990’s are his favorite decade trends because of the bold lines. Josh likes to use Illustrator because it is a natural feeling of drawing on the computer and it is accessible with the other programs. His favorite emoji is the thumbs up or the crying laughing face.

We are thankful to have Josh’s skills, positive attitude and willingness to share his knowledge!

Meet Daniela Muniz

Daniela is a second year student and a creative in The Northway Group. She chose the Marketing and Design program here at SCTCC because she enjoys to design and draw. One of Daniela’s strengths is being able to come up with many different ideas! Her favorite part of being in The Northway Group is seeing how an agency operates.

In ten years, Daniela wants to be living in Minnesota and working for a good company. The 1950’s was her favorite decade for designs. She doesn’t have a favorite design trend because each client she works on is different and she likes to incorporate the specific style of design the client wants. Daniela likes easy-to-read fonts and also likes to add in some fun fonts, as well. Adobe Illustrator is her favorite software to use because she can easily come up with drawings to show clients. Her favorite emoji is the “okay hand” symbol.

We are excited to have Daniela in The Northway Group this year!

Meet Jordan Zirbes

Jordan is a CEO & second-year student in SCTCC’s Marketing and Design program. He chose this program after doing a short time-lapse video for his job and having it turn out to be a big success. Jordan likes the marketing side of things and also playing into his strengths of coming up with ideas for other people. Jordan’s favorite part of being in The Northway Group is getting to sees his fellow classmates succeed. He likes to watch as people grow from doing a small design to potentially having something on a billboard.

In 10 years Jordan sees himself having a steady marketing job somewhere in Minnesota, so he can remain close to his family. Jordan has an energetic personality and is good at making people laugh. When it comes to designs, he likes the 1940s and 1950s. The war had motivated designs around those times and he finds them fascinating, although Jordans favorite design trend is going with more of a modern look. He likes boldface fonts and uses Illustrator because it is easy to use and easy to use alongside other programs. His most used emoji is the winky face.

We are grateful for Jordan’s leadership and his designs!