The Northway Group

Meet Allie Carver

Allie is new to The Northway Group this fall. She is a creative and considers herself to be a likable person, with a great sense of humor.
In ten years, Allie hopes to be in the design industry. Her favorite part about The Northway Group is being able to communicate with those around her and seeing what her classmates are designing. She chose the Marketing and Design program because her uncle is in a similar industry and inspired her to be a designer. She even had the opportunity to visit him at work and saw some cool designs. Right now, she is focusing on her design skills and working to get better. She has been showing this by taking part in The Northway Group and learning from her peers, but also by engaging in classes, such as Photoshop. 
At the moment, her favorite software to use is Photoshop. She enjoys taking pictures and playing around with the different effects and seeing the process of how a finalized picture comes to be. Her most used emoji is the heart emoji. From her perspective, she felt that the ’90s were the best decade of design because she was born in that decade.

We are grateful to have Allie on the team!


Meet Luke Payne


Luke is new to The Northway Group this fall. He is an account executive and creative.

In 10 years Luke wants to be living in Denver, running a successful wedding photography business. He considers himself a very outgoing person while also being idealistic and imaginative. Luke says that his favorite part of The Northway Group is the camaraderie between all the students.

Luke chose the Marketing and Design program, here at SCTCC,  because it will teach him many skills that he will use throughout his future career. He is a fan of the Victorian design trend and likes texture in his designs. A few final fun facts about Luke is that his favorite software to use is Lightroom and his most used emoji is the crying/laughing face. Luke’s favorite font is called ‘Didot’, which we will most likely see in some of his designs.

We are grateful to have Luke on the team!

Meet Megan Rausch

Megan Rausch is fall 2018’s Project Manager, as well as one of our graphic designers. She has great attention to detail and is always on time, which comes in handy with all of our projects. Megan says the reason she chose the Marketing and Design program is because she has always been a creative person and color is her specialty. That was proven true because in high school she single-handedly created her senior yearbook. Megan’s favorite design style is traditional with a modern twist. With all of that being said, Megan hopes to someday work for the CentraCare marketing team or Cold Spring Granite Company.

Megan truly is a great asset to The Northway Group this year. Thank you for everything you do for the group. Happy designing!