The Northway Group

Excitement In The Air

Yesterday, we got an exciting opportunity to do a unique project for a last minute client. Instead of our usual way for creating work for clients, we have decided to take it to another level. We are doing a brand standard challenge in The Northway Group, where students were put into groups of four and tasked with creating a brand standard for this client. We are excited to see the results and creativity of each group.  You know what they say two heads are better than one, so then four must be better than two! We’ll keep you all up to date with this exciting project!

Meet Megan Rausch!

Megan is in her first year in the Marketing and Design program. She decided to join the program after doing a job shadow and realized that she was more of a computer/artistic person. Megan has played both the leadership and follower role and has no problem taking charge and making sure things get done. Megan sees herself as a people person and says her previous jobs have helped her break out of her shell.


If Megan could live in a T.V. show it would be One Tree Hill because the group of friends in the show always look out for each other even while conflicts arise. If Megan could master one skill it would be car talk because then she wouldn’t have to pretend to know what is being talked about. Megan is a great asset to the team who offers a lot of creative ideas. Were grateful to have her on the team!

Meet Kyle Zirbes!

Kyle Zirbes is a second-year student in the Marketing & Design program. He joined the program because it sounded interesting and like something he would like to learn more about. Kyle sees himself as more of a leader and believes what makes a great leader is taking pride in leading. He says they need to be confident, caring, and understanding. Kyle enjoys being an AE lead and finds the experience rewarding, interesting and fun.


If Kyle could live in a movie it would be Star Wars. He finds it interesting and would love to see the different lands and would also like having special abilities. The animal Kyle thinks best represents him is the Dog because it is loyal, loving and protective. If he could master any one skill it would be communication. Kyle has served as an AE for the Northway group and has done a lot of great things. We’re proud to have him on our team!

Meet Juila VanDalen

Julia is in last year of the Marketing & Design program. She chose the program because she loves art and decided to make a career out of it. Julia sees herself as more of a leader than a follower because she likes contributing and helping her teammates. Julia believes what makes a great leader is the ability to take initiative. The words that best describe Julia are Organized and Hardworking.


If Julia could master any skill, it would be speaking another language. The animal that best describes her is the owl because it is smart, quick and wise. If she could be in a T.V. show it would either be Scooby Doo or Sponge Bob because they bring her good memories. Julia is doing an awesome job as Project Manager and we are very thankful to have such an organized person on the team!

Meet Jordan Zirbes!

Jordan Zirbes is a first year in the Marketing & Design program and has shown that he is dedicated to his work. Jordan sees himself as both a leader and follower. This depends on the situation he is in. Jordan thinks he would do well as a creative lead. He has participated as an AE once but really enjoys the creative aspect of marketing.


Jordan is a huge Harry Potter fan and believes the animal that best represents him is the dog because of their loyalty. If Jordan could master one skill it would be video editing. Jordan is a stand-up guy and very well rounded. Were very happy to have him on the team!

Meet Josh Miller!

Josh is in his first year of the Marketing & Design program. He joined the Marketing & Design program because he enjoys communicating visually. He enjoys problem solving and working with others as well. Josh sees himself as both a leader and a follower and believes that both are important roles. Two qualities he believes makes a great leader are Vulnerability and selflessness. Josh has a strong faith and his biggest influence is Jesus.


Josh sees himself as a people person and sees himself as more of a lover than a fighter. This is because he fights with love. If Josh could time travel he would go back in time and go to the 1800s to follow Louis and Clark. Josh is doing a great job with his designs and we are happy to have such a creative person in Northway!

Meet Jake Welle!

Jake is currently a CEO of the Northway group. He loves helping people by inspiring and motivating them to be the best versions of themselves. Jake is a people person and he can easily find commonalities amongst diverse people. He believes what makes a great leader is honesty and the ability to listen clearly. Jake says the most influential people in his life is his girlfriend and his daughter. They motivated him to go to school and build a better future for them.


Jake says that the animal that best represents him is the monkey. This is because monkeys are care free and fun to be around. If Jake could live in a T.V. show, it would be Rick and Morty because of its creativity and thrill. Jake is an awesome CEO with great leadership abilities. Super proud to have him as a CEO!

Gendered Marketing

The future of gendered marketing is on a slippery slope right now. You might have heard about Target’s decision to take out Gendered Toy Labels from their stores back in 2015, and you might be wondering if it was an effective move on their part.


Even in an open household like mine, gender labeling doesn’t go undetected. Last year for Christmas, my little cousin was upset she couldn’t find a pink Nerf gun for her sister. Advertising and society told her that girl stuff is pink and purple, even if she missed the larger message often conveyed—that Nerf guns are for boys.

Children are listening. But it appears adults are not. Some of the comments in response to Target’s decision were shocking.

But from a marketing perspective, gendered marketing can be good. For many, that’s the end of the conversation. Pink appeals to women because it’s girly, black and blue to men because they’re strong. Marketing departments have figured out the formula, it’s been instilled in us as consumers since before we even knew anything about colors, and that’s just the way it is. How well would a pale pink and bedazzled Harley sell? Because the Harley Davidson brand’s personality is perceived as rugged, tough, classic and cool, probably not all that well.

Likewise, a dark gray Venus razor with a straight, not fancifully curved, handle would likely confuse female consumers. It wouldn’t attract male users because of the perception and connections made with Venus razor and femininity. So what did Gillette do? They produced the same razor in black and green, but called it Gillette Body. They also nixed the “passion,” “embrace,” and “sensitive” terminology and instead put “engineered.” Because science.


Here’s a video that could put some of this into perspective.


The Northway Group is changing with this tide. Like Target, we’ve seen that people are responding better to their decision to take the signage out. So Northway has been open minded with their designs and creative process. Most of our team are Gen Z, and have dealt first hand with gendered marketing all their life. Most of our designs are unisex unless specified by our clients.

We understand the change in our generation and want to accommodate and progress with the times.