The Northway Group

Meet Daniela Muniz!

Daniela is a first-year student in the Marketing and Design program. She joined the program because she knew it would help her in pursuing Graphic Design and Animation. Daniela believes that as a leader she would serve well as a project manager.

If Daniela could master one skill it would be swimming because she’s lived near tons of beaches for most of her life and never went farther than she could walk. The animal that she thinks best describes her is a dog because she can get extremely excited about the things she loves but is down to take a nap 90% of the time. We’re super excited to have her on the team as well!

Throwback Thursday!

On January 10th, 2018 the snow was flying and the wind was blowing, yet the Northway Group wouldn’t let that stop them from helping out fellow alumni. When Matt Weatherly from Street Factory Media asked for a hand with a flash mob promoting the MN United FC’s season, the students from the Northway Group jumped at the opportunity. The experience was a great way for the group to get experience and have fun in the process. Besides, who is thinking about the temperature when you get to sing Wonderwall for all the lucky people working down town.

#ScarvesUpMN #MNUFC

Meet Amanda!

Amanda Hartnell is a second year in the Marketing and Design program. She’s a CEO at Northway and took first place at State DECA this year. A true asset to the Northway Group. Amanda chose this program because she has been working with the adobe programs since high school and was interested in marketing. Amanda believes that a true leader must understand communication. If you cannot communicate well with others then things may not work out so well.

The animal that Amanda best identifies with is the elephant because of their intelligence, protectiveness, confidence, and spiritual demeanor. If she could time-travel, she would go back in time to the early 1900’s to see how people lived. She appreciates the retro culture.