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Melissa graduated from Pine River – Backus High School. She chose the Marketing and Design Program at SCTCC to make her parents proud. Melissa has always enjoyed art, but especially enjoys painting.

If Melissa could choose one word to describe herself, she would choose perky and she feels the animal that represents her best is a rabbit. She loves The Phantom of The Opera and her dream job would be working for PureFlix.

With The Northway Group she has taken on the roles of Account Executive and Creative. We thank Melissa for all her hard work and designs!

Today’s Spotlight


Olivia graduted from Sartell High School and chose the Marketing and Design Program at SCTCC because she loved the Photoshop classes she was able to take high school, and enjoyed creating.

Olivia would describe herself as thoughtful and she wants to be an artist in any type of media such as painting, drawing, or designing. Outside of art she enjoys snowboarding, and would love to be a professional.

With The Northway Group she has joined the team as both Account Executive and as a Creative. We thank her for her versatility and team efforts!

Today’s Spotlight


Amanda graduated from Sauk Rapids Rice High School and chose the Marketing and Design Program at SCTCC because creativity is one of her strong suits. If she picked one word to describe herself, it would be clever.

Amanda has an interest in modifying cars, keeping her creative and always thinking, and someday wants to be a creative director for her own business.

With The Northway Group she is a Lead Account Executive, and has done a wonderful job of bringing in clients and keeping the other AE’s on track! Great job, Amanda!

Today’s Spotlight


Megan graduated from ROCORI High School in Cold Spring, MN. She chose the Marketing and Design program to be able to create things that will make others happy.

Megan describes herself as creative, and her dream job would be working in a design department creating things people will fall in love with. She also loves photography, and would love to do that on the side.

With The Northway Group, she’s taken on the role of creative and has already come up with some incredible designs. Thank you, Megan!

Today’s Spotlight


Tina graduated high school from Apollo in Saint Cloud, MN. She has always had an interest in graphic design and wants to create for a large advertising agency.

Tina describes herself as friendly, and if asked to recite a song word for word, she’d recite Fancy by Reba McEntire or Unbelievable by Diamond Rio.

With The Northway Group, she has joined the team as Project Manager and Creative for the second semester in a row. She does an amazing job at keeping us all organized and on time! Thank you, Tina!

Today’s Spotlight


Jake graduated from Sartell High School, and joined the Marketing and Design Program at SCTCC to pursue a creative career.

Jake would describe himself as goofy, and he dreams of a job that is creative with few restraints and has a good balance of work and family.

Lazy is not a word to describe Jake, as he is hardworking and conscientious. He has a position of Account Executive Lead with The Northway Group, and already has a number of clients lined up. Thank you, Jake, for your hard work!


Today’s Spotlight

Kicking off our Fall 2017 introduction posts with:


Francisco graduated high school in Melrose, MN. He has always been interested in art and advertising resulting in his choice to join the Marketing and Design Program at SCTCC.

Francisco describes himself as determined, and has a dream of being his own boss. This is his first semester in Northway and he has taken on a role of Creative and Creative Lead. We thank him for always putting his best foot first, and being up for any challenge!