The Northway Group

Today’s Spotlight


Meet Cody Holland. Cody grew up in Princeton, MN with his sister and parents. He moved to St. Cloud to further his education in the advertising program. Cody chose to join The Northway Group this semester to get “real world” experience before he graduates. His goal this semester in The Northway Group is to gain confidence in his field through friendship and experience. He one day hopes to be designing ads, webpages and more. Cody is a great addition to our team by taking initiative and helping out others whenever possible. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would choose to go to Rome to experience all of the history and beauty that the city has to offer.


We are lucky to have you apart of our team, Cody!

Falling Into The Spotlight


Meet Kale Tingelstad. Kale grew up in Sherwood, ND graduating with only eleven people. He enjoys spending time with his two sons and two daughters. He previously worked his way up in the Dish Network to a position of high responsibility and high stress. Unfortunately he was injured and retired from the industry. He chose to go back to school to find a new and exciting career path. This is Kale’s first semester in the advertising program and The Northway Group. Kale is a great asset to The Northway Group by using his attention to detail and continuously asking for help when he needs it. We are so excited to see how Kale progresses this semester!


Keep up the great work, Kale!

Our First Spotlight


Meet Dayna Voller. In previous semesters, Dayna has worked hard being a creative and continuously helping out her peers. By doing so, she worked her way up to be one of our courageous CEO’s this semester. She plays a big role for The Northway Group by making sure everybody stays on task. Dayna also has a degree in professional photography and has worked at various studios. Outside of school, Dayna works at Meyer’s Photography Studio. She says that The Northway Group is a perfect opportunity to get real advertising experience while still in school. In future years, Dayna hopes to own a photography and graphic design studio. In her free time she enjoys being outside, whether that includes camping, horseback riding, hiking, or playing with her dogs.


We are so grateful to have you apart of our team, Dayna!