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No Fooling this Spotlight


April Edblad


Say hello to April! April is now in her second year at the Saint Cloud Technical and Community College as well as her second semester in The Northway Group. April’s is biggest pet peeve is negative attitudes, which makes her such a positive person! April’s favorite way to jam out is by turning the music up as loud as possible and having a loner dance party. Even though her favorite genre of movies is horror, she says the Santa Clause movie is one that she could never get tired of. The greatest advice that April gets is from her dad encouraging her that “life goes on” when she thinks her life is over. April’s favorite toy as a kid would have to be Barbies. Her first CD was Hilary Duff. Her favorite hobbies include Do It Yourself projects and make art. In 5 years she would like to work for herself or in an Advertising Company in Duluth. She would also like to be married with one or two kids and have a dog.


Last Spotlight of March



Kendra Lien

This week’s Northway Spotlight is Kendra Lien.

Kendra’s favorite visual artist is Van Gogh. Her biggest pet peeve is when you hold the door for someone and they don’t say thank you in return. Kendra’s favorite song is ‘Goodbye Earl’ by the Dixie Chicks while driving around aimlessly with her best friend. She can watch Despicable Me, or The Wizard of Oz over and over without getting tired of watching them. Her greatest advice to all is “You can do anything you set your heart to.” Kendra liked dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween, and her favorite toy was her life-size Barbie. The first concert Kendra went to was Eric Church, and her first CD she bought was the Dixie Chicks. Kendra’s hobbies include drawing, shopping, hunting and fishing. Within five years, Kendra would like to have a job in graphic design.

Spotlight of March

max 2


Max Mattson

This week’s Northway Spotlight is Max Mattson.

Max’s favorite visual artist is Piet Mondrian for the de Stjil concept. His biggest pet peeve is when people don’t pull their weight or complete their role. Max listens to unorthodox from Joey Bada$$ because he can rap the whole song word for word. Max enjoys watching any Monty Python movies over and over. His greatest advice is “you can tell the size of a man by the size of the things that bother them.” Last year Max dressed up a G-Eazy for Halloween that was amazing. He enjoyed toy rockets and Playstation1 as a kid. The first concert Max saw was the Struts at First Ave. who he recommends others to see. Hobbies that interest Max are playing guitar constantly and building desktop computers. In five years Max would like to own his own business and building a solid career.

Spotlight of the Week

jan 2


Jan Theisen

This week’s Northway Spotlight is Jan Theisen.

Jan is a Creative and Web for the Northway Group. Her favorite visual artist is Pablo Picasso because he changed the way artists approach a canvas. Jan’s biggest pet peeve is people who don’t respond or reply to a message in a timely manner. She has several movies she could watch over and over like ‘Heat’ starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. Jan listens to 80’s rock and country music. Her favorite toy as a child was a Drowsy doll that still talks, and now sells as a collector on eBay. The greatest advice Jan has is “Take life day by day and be grateful for all the little things. Don’t stress over what you cannot control.” Her hobbies include knitting, gardening and walking her two dogs. In five years Jan wants to be a freelance graphics and web designer working from my home.

Spotlight of the Week

Jacob g 2


Jacob Goodall

The Northway Spotlight goes to Jacob Goodall this week!


Jacob is a Creative and Account Executive in the Northway Group. His favorite Visual Artists is a three way tie between Enkel Dika, Bansky, and Mark Rivard. He enjoys Mark’s work because he is a local artist and role model for young audiences through his skateboard art. Jacob’s biggest pet peeve is when people chew loud enough for others to hear. His favorite song is ‘My Hippy’ by Mod Sun and he loves to listen to it when he’s driving in his car with his windows down on summer nights. One movie that Jacob could watch without getting bored is the Lion King. He would watch it over and over again as a kid and hoped that Mufassa wouldn’t die. Jacob’s favorite quote is “I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it.” His favorite toy growing up was Legos, and they still are. The first CD He ever bought was the “One X” album by Three Days Grace. Jacob’s personal hobbies include boarding sports such as Skateboarding and Snowboarding as well as Outdoor Swimming. In five years from now Jacob hopes to be living in Seattle and working as a Web Designer.

An Irish Spotlight for an Irish Holiday



Vincent Knisley


The Spotlight shines on Vincent Knisley this week!

Vincent is a Creative, Account Executive, and the Social Media Lead in the Northway Group. His favorite Visual Artists are Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent likes Van Gogh for more than just sharing the same name, Van Gogh played a huge role in his interest in art. Vincent’s biggest pet peeve is when people butcher the English language and use poor grammar. Vincent’s favorite songs to jam out to are ‘Pardon Me’ by Incubus and ‘I’ll Follow You’ by Shinedown. . Vincent could watch the movie Airplane over and over again and never get tired of it His favorite quote is, “Just because ‘x’ happened doesn’t mean ‘y’ caused it.”-Sheldon Cooper. His favorite toy as a kid was his imagination, which is still his greatest source of entertainment. The first concert Vincent ever went to was the Shinedown concert in 2013 at The Target Center. His favorite hobbies include playing billiards and reading. Five years from now Vincent hopes to be working in the design field as a Web Design and Developer.

Saving the Spotlight


Michaela Partch


This week’s Northway Spotlight is Michaela Partch.

Michaela is a Creative for The Northway Group. Her favorite visual artists are Salvador Dali, Alex Pardee, and Chris Buzzelli. Michaela’s biggest pet peeve is when people bite their eating utensils. She also dislikes when people don’t close cupboards or drawers. Michaela loves to drive and jam out to Crystal Castles. Michaela could watch any Quentin Tarintino movie over and over and never get tired of it. Her favorite quote is, “The world doesn’t owe you anything.” For Halloween this year, Michaela wants to dress up as a Treasure Troll. Michaela’s favorite childhood toys are Elefun and Sit-n-Spin. The first CD she ever bought was TLC, and the first concert she ever went to was Good Charlotte. Michaela’s favorite hobby is painting. In five years Michaela sees herself somewhere far away designing.

A turn in the Spotlight


Kristen Handy


Kristen Handy is not a stranger to The Northway Group. This semester she has come back as our wonderful Lead Account Executive. Kirsten loves to sing and dance in her car to anything on her Pandora station. She loves movies and The Poltergeist is one that she could watch over and over without getting tired of. The greatest advice anyone has given her was that it gets better. Kirsten’s favorite toy as a kid was her boom box. One year she went as Simba from The Lion King for Halloween and she was so happy! Kirsten’s first CD was Blink 182, Enema of the State. Some of Kirsten’s hobbies include watching foreign films, playing video games, and exploring new places. In 5 years Kirsten would like to be happy with her family and work as a designer somewhere near Monticello.

Our Next Spotlight


Terrance Meemken


After a short break Terrance is back with The Northway Group reprising his role as a Creative. Terrance’s favorite toy as a kid was, and still is, Lego’s and he couldn’t have enough of them! The first concert Terrance went to was the Warped Tour in 2015. His favorite visual artist is a tie between Vincent Van Gogh and Banksy. One movie that he could watch over and over is My Neighbor Totoro. Terrance’s favorite hobby is drawing and in 5 years he would like to be a freelance graphic designer. Welcome back Terrance!


Marching into the Spotlight


Jessi Ewald


Jessi Ewald is a first year student, and her semester in The Northway Group. Jessi’s favorite visual artist is Andy Warhol and one of her favorite songs to jam out to is If I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. She jams out to this song with her roommate, Carley and they scream the lyrics. One movie that Jessi could watch over and over without getting tired of would be any of the Harry Potter Movies. As a kid her favorite toy was a little blue bear she called her “Boo Boo Bear” that she got when she was sick. Jessi’s favorite Halloween costume was when she dressed up as Baby Bop from Barney. She says that it is both funny and terrifying to look back at those pictures. Jessi’s biggest pet peeve is when she has to share the road with bad driver. Even though she seems really nice she does get really bad road rage. When Jessi isn’t working her two jobs outside of school she spends time with her friends and family. Her favorite quote is “What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be” by Socrates. 5 years from now she would like to be in her career field with a steady job and coming home to her dog, Hank every night.

Welcome to The Northway Group Jessi!