The Northway Group

The final Spotlight

Blake Rychner

Blake Rychner


Blake Rychner is enjoying his second semester in The Northway Group. This time around he is concentrating on his Creative abilities but did pick up a few clients along the way as an Account Executive.

Blake may be the last of our Spotlights for the semester but he is definitely not least. Honestly, he was just the last to turn in his questionnaire. We all enjoy Blake’s never-ending positive, albeit goofy, attitude and can count on him to get things done, even if it’s on his own schedule. His attention to detail is probably the thing that keeps him from finishing a few things on time but the result is always worth the wait. Blake has always found technology fascinating and will someday create websites and application for large companies. But as much as new technology is freaking amazing, nothing puts a bigger smile to his face than the outdoors. If he’s feeling down, drop him off in the middle of the woods and pick him up in the morning!

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Blake, it was started by a guy and that’s a fact!

Adventures in the Spotlight

Ally Peterson

Ally Peterson


Ally Peterson, a veteran Northway-er, has focused on her designs this semester as a Creative.

Ally is an adventurous, out-going, fun-loving gal. She loves the outdoors, especially in the warm weather and hopes to travel the globe in her very own yacht. Of course this will be after she is the successful star of many well-known commercials. Ally loves her family and friends and is a proud Wisconsin native and big fan of the Packers. It’s good to be a fan of an actual winning team. In her spare time, Ally watches Key and Peele, frequents Subway, hangs with friends and enjoys ripsticking.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Ally, she’s a nun.

A friendly little Spotlight

Michael Green


Michael Green


Michael Green, another of our fearless CEO leaders, is in his second Northway semester. He is also one of our amazing photographers; he was the man behind the camera for most of our spotlight shots.

Michael is such an active guy, we have a hard time keeping up with him. He enjoys traveling, camping, biking and just being outside and practices his love of photography while doing all of his favorite activities. Someday Michael hopes to be an action sports photographer around the world, which will also incorporate all of the things he likes best. He’s a positive guy all around and despite preferring city life, he’d also rather live in the mountains. We do know Michael’s an excellent public speaker but rarely smiles when doing so. He actually looks angry but don’t let that fool you! Even though he has issues staying focused, he’s nicer than he seems.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Michael, she slept with the whole football team.

Finishing a few more clients

With the end of the semester rolling in fast, we’re wrapping up many of our clients. So far, we’ve had another successful run! Look for a story on The Northway Group in the St. Cloud Times soon!