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The most awesome Spotlight ever.

Josh Kardell


Josh Kardell


Josh Kardell is in his second Northway experience and is not only the Creative Lead but also one of our CEOs.

There’s so much to be said about Josh but where do we possibly begin? How about at the beginning, when we met him in his first semester at SCTCC. Or perhaps when we met his alter ego during his second semester at SCTCC. The Josh we knew and the Josh we know are miles apart. Aside from his supreme awesomeness and astonishing abilities at being good at everything, Josh feels he is too modest of an individual. Though we’ve never seen these abilities, it’s just best to take his word for it. Someday Josh will be an art director in a big city. But before that, if the temp drops and the snow falls, you’ll find him playing hockey. Here’s hoping we have a mild and warm winter!

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Josh, she sleeps with a night light.

A very talented Spotlight

Brooke Vogel

Brooke Vogel


Brooke Vogel is reprising her role as a Creative in her second semester with The Northway Group. In addition, we’re proud to say she is trying her hand as an Account Executive and has probably found a second calling.

Brooke is a St. Cloud native and currently works part time as a photo technician. It’s a good match for this photography-lover! When she’s not at work or school, you can probably find Brooke hanging with her 5-year-old nephew, who we know to be amazingly amazing at soccer…and pretty much every sport imaginable. Brooke has a lot of motivation and is definitely a self-starter. She can do anything she puts her mind to! And for that reason we know she’ll attain her dream of working in California doing promotional items for bands.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Brooke, she’s really a 90-year-old woman.

A Rising Star Spotlight.

Morgan Pudans


Morgan Pudans


Morgan Pudans, a second semester…er?, took on the role of CEO this time around. Even with the extra responsibilities, she saves the time to use her Creative skills as well.

A big congrats to Morgan on being the Rising Star of the Advertising Communication & Design program for Fall 2015!

Morgan is a proud Iowa native. She’s a friendly, happy, fun 23 year old who loves photography. We happen to know that even more than that, Morgan loves hunting. Bow hunting to be more specific. It’s the one thing that cheers her up, if she’s ever feeling down that is. Morgan is a pretty darn organized gal but tends to take on too much at once. Though she may find herself overwhelmed at times, she keeps her attitude positive. After Morgan strikes it rich working for Mathews Inc., a bow and archery supply company, she’ll buy a farm and have lots of land to manage. And we’d wager a guess that she’d hunt the land, too.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Morgan, it’s starvation.

Whooo is the Spotlight today?

Janelle Fitch

Janelle Fitch


Janelle Fitch is the second of the three third semester Northway veterans. She is keeping her Creative title and for the second semester in a row, she has designed on every ticket.

Janelle is a full time college student and a mother of three kids ages four and under. She loves owls so much she has an owl tattoo, specifically a three-owl tattoo. Before you jump to conclusions, each owl is a representation of each of her children. Janelle is an early bird and a night owl, possibly because she’s always working on Northway designs. The ability to quickly adapt to change definitely helps in keeping up with everything. When she graduates next year, Janelle will have a job at an in-house advertising agency and will hopefully be working from home. Once she has that dream job, she’ll be able to fulfill another dream of travelling the world.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Janelle, Victoria is really a Victor.

Don’t read this Spotlight!

Bridget Bjorge


Bridget Bjorge


Bridget Bjorge (yep, you guessed it: bee-your-ghee) is the last third timer for The Northway Group. She reprises her role as Lead Account Executive and also fell into the Social Media realm. In fact, she may or may not be writing this post in the third person but you’ll never truly know.

The one thing you need to know about Bridget: she is a mom, both literally and figuratively. Her two young daughters are exactly like their mom and therefore create an abundance of joy and frustration for her. Bridget is also the “mom” of the group. No really, her nickname is mom. Because she likes to color outside the lines, (again, literally and figuratively) she didn’t answer most of the questions. However she is the only one that said “stay away, I’m a loner” instead of preferring crowds or small groups. At least she’s honest. Bridget is definitely an early bird but don’t let that bird fool you: she likes to stay inside of the great outdoors. Someday soon, she’ll be a partial business owner but beyond that, she makes no long-term plans.

Before all that, join us in saying Happy Friday the 13th Birthday, Bridget!

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Bridget, it’s a conspiracy: there is no secret!

Spotlight. Not to be confused with Stoplight.

Amber Seiling


Amber Sieling


Amber Sieling brings her amazing organization skills to the group as our Project Manager. And like most of the crew, she has a second role: Creative.

Beyond her many roles in The Northway Group and being a full time student, Amber is a busy bee outside of school. She’s the mother of three, is planning a wedding and has a part time job. No wonder she starts her designs the day before they are due! Alas, we have to give her credit because she always has all pieces submitted on time. Someday, Amber hopes to have a job somewhere in the cities. After she retires, she’ll spend her time drinking Sex on the Beaches on a beach. In the meantime, you’ll find Amber eating Mexican tacos, possibly with parmesan cheese, and working hard to keep the zombies at bay.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Amber, she’s really a dude with a lot of make-up.

A bright Spotlight

April Edblad


April Edblad


April Edblad is another new member of the group. She has chosen the role of Creative.

April is from Duluth but moved to the area specifically for the Ad program here at SCTCC. When she graduates this upcoming spring, she will be heading back to beautiful Duluth to do freelance work or even start her own business. April is obsessed with buying makeup and cites her weakness as a shopping addiction. We think she has pretty good taste so if you’re looking for a shopping buddy, April can help. In addition to indoor fun, April spends a lot of time outside. And who wouldn’t if they called Duluth home? Someday, April would like to live in the mountains and spend her days making art and taking photos of nature. So when you see her name on famous photos, you can say you knew April before she was a star.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to April, Victoria’s real name is Gurtrude.