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Spotlight. ‘Nough said

Symone Weinandt


Symone Weinandt


Symone Weinandt (that’s wine-it) is another new member of The Northway Group. The Ad program isn’t her first rodeo at SCTCC but we’re glad she switched to it. Symone is an Account Executive and a Creative and is doing swimmingly in both roles.

Symone is a 25-year-old creative soul that loves all things music and art. She plays guitar, piano, harmonica and she dabbles in the drums but her musical passion is singing. Basically, she’s a one-woman band. Like many of the Northway-ers, Symone enjoys Netflix and video games. But unlike the rest of us, she wrote and illustrated a children’s book that is in the process of being published. Someday Symone would like to live in the country, in a lake house to be exact. Restate: lake house…but somewhere with a warmer climate which definitely narrows down the place. Included in the warmer lake place will be a sweet boat. And definitely family. And probably friends. With Chipotle next door so she can have a steak bowl with sour cream, cheese and guacamole every day for the rest of her life.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Symone, the line was created by all men, but for women.

A big THANKS to our first client

What Would Bri Do?


BriAnna Rose Kruzel passed away unexpectedly at the age of 18 on September 28, 2013 from natural causes. Throughout BriAnna’s life she was very active and passionate about Girl Scouts, Sartell-St. Stephen Community Ed and Big Brothers Big Sisters. BriAnna gave much of her time volunteering and paying it forward to everyone she could. In an attempt to honor her legacy of giving back, the goal of What Would Bri Do, Inc. is to continue giving back to individuals or organizations that are in need of financial assistance in BriAnna’s memory.


BriAnna Rose Kruzel


Third Annual WWBD Memorial Fundraiser


The 3rd Annual WWBD Memorial Fundraiser will be on held at Mulligan’s in the Grand Ballroom on Tuesday March 15 from 5-9 pm.  There will be an Italian Buffet with unlimited water, coffee & pop and a cash bar.  Tickets will be sold in advance.


The Northway Group Donates Designs


We have been busy working with WWBD to complete designs for this year’s Memorial Fundraiser invitations. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to an Angel of Hope statue. WWBD will be working with the City of Sartell to place an Angel of Hope in the new Lake Francis Park Project. WWBD will be donating the angel not only in memory of their daughter BriAnna Rose but in memory of all children who have passed too soon.

For more information on WWBD, please visit


For your enjoyment: our sixth Spotlight

Sarah Goenner


Sarah Goenner


Sarah Goenner (phonetically, it’s Gun-ner. In case you’re as curious as we were) is in her first semester in the Advertising Communication and Design program and The Northway Group. She has taken the lead as one of our four CEOs this semester.

Sarah is no stranger to school as she has a B.A. in art with an emphasis in ceramics and jewelry/metals. She hopes to apply her love of design through a different media. While we’re on the subject of love, we have to mention the love of Sarah’s life: her amazing 5-year-old daughter. You know, the one that makes Sarah an early bird that gets the worm. That’s no bother to her because the glass is always half full, even if it’s empty. But back to Sarah’s other loves: she’d love to be an art jeweler and live a modest life in the country, she loves her space and she loves food! In fact we can, with 89% certainty, say that Sarah loves to love (she used the word six times on her blog post questionnaire.) Even though she bizarrely enjoys making up songs and speaking gibberish with her daughter, we know she is the “wisdom” of The Northway Group! (Seriously, she told us.)

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Sarah, she actually loves wearing men’s clothing.

We’ve got our Spotlight on you

Kristen Handy


Kristen Handy


Kristen Handy, a new face to Northway. Please take note, that’s Kristen with an ‘E’. She has taken on the role of Account Executive and brought in our first client of the semester.

Kristen is married and is the mom of twin girls, Daisy and Josie. She lives in Monticello and loves it! While she loves to cook…and watch cooking shows, Kristen hates to clean. Who has the time anyway? We’d spend our time hanging with Kristen’s cool kids, too. Almost all her hobbies involve sitting in front of a screen, sad yet true, but we don’t fault her for that. Let’s be honest, most of us enjoy hours of video games and movies. After she graduates this coming spring, we’ll find Kristen somewhere local, doing designs.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Kristen, she hates pink.

We’re halfway there

The first half of the Fall 2015 semester has come to an end. We’re getting close to wrapping up our first client. Stay tuned for an addition to our portfolio!

Spotted: another Spotlight

Dayna Voller

Dayna Voller


Dayna Voller, a self-described fiery redhead with a great personality, joins Northway for her first semester in the Advertising Communication and Design program at SCTCC. She has entered the duo realm of Account Executive and Creative.

Dayna is a small-town, outdoor-loving girl from West Union, Minnesota, though we’re not exactly sure where that is. Whatever the case, she spends her time hunting, camping, horseback riding…or really anything outside. And speaking of horseback riding, Dayna is the proud owner of two horses, two cats and a dog. She’s quiet when you first meet her but once you get to know her, look out! She loves to have fun and lives her life to the fullest extent possible. As a photography enthusiast, Dayna would like to someday own a photography and design studio, specializing in portrait photography. (We’ve seen her work; she is creatively fun with the poses!)

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Dayna, she makes midnight trips to McDonald’s to satisfy her craving for a Big Mac meal.

The Spotlight’s on you

Adam Studer

Adam Studer


Adam has reclaimed his Creative title this semester but has added Account Executive to the mix.

In addition to his dual roles in The Northway Group, Adam is a man of many talents. A father of four, he can translate biblical Greek, write and record his own music and has broken nine bones during his lifetime, though we’re not sure whose bones they were. A dollar saved or a dollar made has no bearing to Adam as he already spent it but whether half empty or half full, there is always enough in his glass. His greatest strength, last minute projects, seems to contradict his greatest weakness: waiting until the last minute. Whether early or late, we can count on him. After graduating, Adam will seek employment at an advertising agency right here in Central Minnesota and many years down the road, he plans to have the same tee time every day.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Adam, she wears sweatpants.

An Impromptu Pizza Gathering

Pizza. It’s what we do.


This semester is off to a great start. With four clients so far, we took a pizza break. Not to worry, we spent the time bonding and…brainstorming.


The Northway Group Pizza Break

The Northway Group Pizza Break


Spotlight today!


Jonathan Christmas

Jonathan Christman


Professional name: Jonathan. Alternate name: Jon. Personal nickname: Jonny C. Whatever you call him, he’s one of our veteran Creatives in Northway: third semester and going strong.

Jon is no stranger to designing as he’s been in the business for over five years and someday soon, he’d like to be the owner of his own business. He’s a pretty darn shy guy but his personality shines through his creative abilities in both music and design. And let’s not even talk about his video gaming skills (he’s an avid gamer of twenty years and counting.) (There, we said it.) Jon loves lobster so much; it’s what he’d choose if he could only have one meal for the rest of his life. Despite that revelation, he oddly prefers the mountains to the beach.

One more thing you need to know about this great guy, today of all days, is his 25th birthday. Happy Birthday from the Northway team and all our fans!

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Jon, it’s something so dark and terrible, he couldn’t even say.