The Northway Group

First Spotlight of the semester

Jacob Goodall


Jacob Goodall


Jacob Goodall comes to the group from New London. This is his first Northway Group experience but his second semester in the Advertising Communication and Design program. Jacob has chosen the Creative side of Northway but will also dabble on the Account side.

Jacob is an avid outdoors-man and in his spare time he enjoys long boarding, snowboarding and Netflix, though we’re not sure if he does all of them outside. For Jacob, a dollar saved is a dollar made and that shines through his optimism, dependability and his eye for precision. He prefers small gatherings with music, friends, food and all-around happy people, especially when he needs cheering up. As a future Creative Director at an ad agency, Jacob plans to party and chill upon retirement.

And Victoria’s real Secret? According to Jacob, she had a scandal with her Scottish servant.