The Northway Group

Spotlight of the Week: Chris Armstrong, Zach Hatch, Janelle Fitch

Spotlights of The Week!

Chris Armstrong

This weeks first spotlight is our very own CEO Chris Armstrong.
When Chris is not running The Northway Group, he is writing or playing music or relaxing with a video game. Chris is well on his way to earning degrees in Web Design and Advertisement and Communication. We asked him what is his favorite food was and he said pasta. The most influential people to Chris are Max Bemis, Chuck Palahniuk, Joss Whedon, and Jennifer Lawrence.  In 5 years Chris hopes to be working in an ad agency.  Before chris plays his final note he wants to go sky divin, own a Shiba Inu and perform in a festival.

Zach Hatch

The next spotlight for this week is Zach. He  works as a account executive in this semesters Northway Group and is getting his Advertising and Communication degree. In 5 years zach sees himself in New York finishing up at a university and also at an ad agency.  When Zach is not working on DECA or school work, he is playing guitar, working out, or muchen on his favorite food any seafood.  Zach gets inspired by David Ramsey, Rob Dyrek, John Mayer, and Larry Page.  Before Zach takes his final bow he wants to live in another country, own his own company, and patent and idea or design.

Janelle Fitch

Last but definitely not least we have Janelle.  She is one of the creatives in this semesters Northway Group.  Janelle is working towards a degree in Advertising and Communication.  In five years Janelle would like to be working at a major ad agency.  Reading and drawing are Janelle’s favorite activities but when shes not doing that shes spending time with her fantastic children.  Janelle’s favorite food is pasta.  She has always been her own cheerleader in life and says its hard for her to pick out anyone person that inspires her.  The top three things on her “bucket list” are: Go on a safari in Africa, Fly an airplane and Take her family to see the ocean.

Spotlight of the Week: Nicole Spangenberg and Justin Kirkholm

The Northway Groups Spotlights!

Nicole Spangenberg

Nicole is one of our fantastic Lead Creatives.  She is currently working on a degree in Advertising and communication with a second major in Web Design.  In five years she sees herself working as a designer in her own agency. Nicole is usually outdoors, taking pictures or camping with family in her free time.  Her favorite food is venison steak. The people how inspire her the most are: her parents, Aunt Denise, Grandpa and her SCTCC advisers (Eldon, Jeff, Penny and Randy). The top three things she would like to do before she dies are: skydiving, travel the world and canoe the Mississippi River from beginning to end.

Justin Kirkholm

Justin holds the post of Lead Media in this semesters Northway Group. He is currently working on his Advertising AAS degree.  Justin sees himself designing for and ad agency and doing photography/ videography in the next five years.   His favorite freetime activities include chilling, kickboxing and Ju-Jitsu. Justin isn’t very picky when it comes to food, anything good is whats for dinner.  The five people who inspire Justin are: his High school art teacher, his Father, Bill Murry, Adam Sandler and his College Professors.  The three things on Justin’s bucket list are: ride a bull, live in Hollywood and make a Superbowl commercial.

Spotlight of the Week: Matt Weatherly, Jake Friedrichs

The Northway Group Spotlights!

Matt Weatherly

Matt is one of the CEO’s of the group this year, he is going for his Advertising Communication and Design, and Web Design double major. In 5 years he would like to be working in an Ad Agency as a project manager in either Minneapolis or the St. Cloud area. Matt likes to spend his free time playing music, taking photos, playing videogames, having a good time hanging with friends and going to live shows. His favorite food is meat and potatoes. The top five people that have inspired Matt the most are: His Father, Steve Jobs, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Palm. Three things on his bucket list are traveling to places like: Ireland, Australia, or Oregon. Performing with his band at First Ave, and to take a long road trip with his friends.

Jake Friedrichs

Jake is one of our creatives in the group and his major is Advertising Communication and Design.  In 5 years he would like to be working in a respectful Ad Agency and starting a family, while balancing work, family and military life. In his free time Jake likes hunting and fishing. His favorite food is taco dip or deep-fried ice cream. Five people who inspire Jake are: His Father, Abe Lincoln, his Brother, Sgt. Chase McKinley, and his Mother. Three things on his bucket list are: Become a CEO of an Ad Agency, be the employee of the month, be the father of the year.