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Spotlight of the Week: Katie Crawford


Spotlight of the week

The image in the background is her winning 2013 Addy entry.

This weeks spotlight is on Katie Crawford

Katie is one of the lead creatives in The Northway Group. She is majoring in Advertising, Communication and Design, she has just received an Addy award. In five years she sees herself living in a warm and sunny state with a job in Graphic Design. Her favorite hobby is photography and her favorite food is mac and cheese. Katie’s five favorite people from history are:  Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Ansel Adams, Talia Castellano and last but not least Her Grandparents. Finally the top three things on her bucket list are:  sky diving, travel the world and have her photography on the cover of National Geographic.

Spotlight of the Week: Jana Lloyd

Spotlight of the week

Jana Lloyd

This week’s  spotlight is our Lead Account Executive Jana Lloyd. This is Jana’s second semester in The Northway Group. Jana is going for Advertising Communication and Design. In five years Jana sees herself graduated with a four-year degree and working as a copywriter or an account executive. When Jana is not being an all star A.E. she is on Pinterestor watching a movie while enjoying her favorite food of anything covered in cheese or Italian. She looks up to Ellen DeGeneres, Mumford and Sons, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and her parents. Jana’s bucket list consists of skydiving, staying  in a European castle, and scuba diving near the Great Barrier Reef.

Spotlight of the Week: AJ Pulliam, Michael Horton

  The Northway Groups Spotlights of the week!

Spring Semester 2014

Our first spotlight of this week is AJ Pulliam.

AJ is a creative in the Northway Group. He is a Web Design Major who is pursuing his dreams and working hard in college. In 5 years he sees himself getting his masters degree, or working in an advertising agency. Some of his hobbies are playing video games, looking at artwork, and reading. His favorite food is Star fruit. Some of the people who have inspired AJ are: Dave Grohl, Alexander the Great, and his Grandpa Walter. Some of the things on his list before he dies are: to do stand up comedy, make a successful super bowl ad, get a million pennies, and build the Death Star.

Our second Spotlight of this week is Mike Horton.

Mike Horton has been in The Northway Group for two semesters.  He is a very creative designer that is going for his Communication and Design degree. When Mike isn’t in school or working he is playing his guitar, watching scary movies or listening to music. You can also find him snacking on his favorite food, cheeseburgers and fries. Mike is inspired by Abraham Lincoln, Jimi Hendrix, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Batman, and Tim Armstrong. In 5 years, Mike plans to be working at an Ad Agency or playing in a band. The three things Mike wants to do before he dies are: go snowboarding in the Rocky’s Mountains, travel out of the country and get married.