The Northway Group

Spotlight Of The Week, Michael Horton!

Michael is a Creative and is from Kimball, MN. He enjoys skateboarding, tattoos, art, and drawing. He would someday like to work in Ad Agency far away from his hometown working 9-5 enjoying each day. Michael’s favorite season is fall and something you wouldn’t know about him is he really enjoys heavy mental music and has an identical twin brother, how neat! Thanks for all your hard work, Michael!

Spotlight Of The Week: Nicole Spangenberg!

Nicole is a Creative in The Northway Group. Nicole is from Laporte, MN. She loves music and spending time with her family and considers her biggest accomplishment becoming a mother. Something you wouldn’t know about Nicole is that she loves to DJ and play on turn tables. She would someday like to be an Art Director of a large company. Thanks for all your hard work, Nicole!

Spotlight Of The Week: Jana Lloyd!

Jana Lloyd is an Account Executive for The Northway Group, and she’s been doing an amazing job bringing in clients! She is from Becker, MN but would someday love to work in a big city like New York or Chicago. Her dream job would be to work for a big name agency or work on an advertising team for a popular magazine. She enjoys watching movies, reading, and shopping. Keep chasing those dreams, Jana!

Spotlight Of The Week: Jake Friedrichs!

Jake Friedrichs is a spotlight of the week this week for The Northway Group. He is from Osakis, MN. He has been “dipping in his feet” in a little bit of everything this semester. This is his first semester in the group and he’s doing a great job trying out both Account Executive and Creative work. Something you wouldn’t know about Jake is that he has been to Iraq in Operation New Dawn. Thanks for all your hard work, Jake!

Spotlight Of The Week: Tara Nelson

Tara Nelson is a creative in The Northway Group and would someday like to teach creativity as an art teacher at a middle school. Tara says that her biggest accomplishment would be “making the decision to go to college.” For fun Tara likes to shop, paint, doodle, and eat. Thanks for all your hard work Tara!

Spotlight Of The Week: Brea Keast

Brea Keast is a creative in The Northway Group. She joined The Northway Group to get real life experience and get more pieces for her portfolio. She would someday like to be a graphic designer in a big city, like Minneapolis. Something you might not know about Brea is that she has pet chinchillas and is also left handed. Great work this semester Brea!

Spotlight Of The Week: Diego Hernandez

This is Diego’s first semester in The Northway Group, and he is doing design work. Diego would someday like to be a designer in California or New York. Something you wouldn’t know about Diego is that he doesn’t like being called by his actual name, “Juan.” His life goals are to make a lot of money and make a lot of people happy. Keep chasing those dreams Diego!