The Northway Group

Lead Creative Spotlight! Kayla Myers and Katie Crawford

Kayla is one of our Lead Creatives from Kimball, MN but would someday like to be a Graphic Designer in California. If she had a million dollars she would buy a house in a different country. Something you wouldn’t know about Kayla is that she secretly wants to be a Sprint Car Driver. Keep chasing those big dreams Kayla!

Katie is our other Lead Creative from right here in St. Cloud. Her biggest accomplishment would be finishing her senior year of high school as editor of the yearbook for a school of 1300 students. She loves photography, thrift store shopping and graphic arts. She would love to be an art director in Arizona or Nevada.

Project Managers Spotlight! Gabby Meyer and Missy Olmscheid

Gabby is one of our Project Managers from Saint Augusta, MN. Gabby would say one of her biggest accomplishments would be always being able to handle what life throws at her. She is a woman of many talents that involve doing hair, and color guard. Something neat about Gabby is that her and her dad share a birthday, what a great present that was!

Missy is also one of our Project Manager from Saint Augusta, MN. I guess we figured out where all the organized individuals come from! Something you might not know about Missy is that she plays the violin, and loves video games. She would like to be a creative somewhere in the Saint Cloud area when she graduates.

Lead Web Spotlight! Paige Boileau and Justin Kirkholm

Paige Boileau is one that goes above and beyond for everything and everyone. She decided to double major at the end of last year, on top of being Lead Web and she’s doing a great job! No job is to big or scary for Paige, unless it involves snakes.

Justin Kirkholm joined Northway to build his skills. Something nobody knows about Justin is that he is a twin and adopted. He loves fall and football. Someday Justin would like to live in Iowa, or Hollywood which will be a big change from Walker, MN.

Spotlight Of The Week: Matt Weatherly

Matt Weatherly is our Lead Account Executive this semester, and he sure is putting the “lead” into that title. Matt loves football season and singing in his band, “The Whiskey Choir.” One day he’d love to work out of Minneapolis, or even have a job traveling as an Account Executive. Thanks for all your hard work, Matt!