The Northway Group

Spotlight of the week! CEO’s Fall 2013

CEO’s of Fall 2013 are Sherri McGillivary, Chris Armstrong, and Ashley Freeman. All three of the CEO’s this semester are second years. We’re off to a great start this year!

Sherri McGillivary, or as we know her Sam. Her hometown is Minneapolis, MN. She would love to one day live in a big city downtown on the ocean because she enjoys the warm weather. Sherri would like to be working as a Creative Director at a Community Center.

Chris Armstrong joined The Northway Group to gain knowledge in the industry. Something you may not know about Chris is that he is awesome at Rock Band. He is self described as “like really really good.” That may attribute to his love for coffee.

Ashley Freeman. If Ashley had a million dollars she would pay off all her student loans, travel the world and experience al kinds of different cultures. This million dollars could come easier than she thinks considering she is dating Joe Maurer (Notice the spelling! haha..)