The Northway Group

Northway Spotlight of the Week: Matt Weatherly

Matt Weatherly from Buffalo, MN is our Spotlight for the week! This is Matt’s first semester in Northway; he joined for the new experiences and to challenge himself. On his spare time he likes to wakeboard, snowboard, play video games, and paly music. He isn’t a fan of the cold so Summer, is his favorite season. His greatest accomplishment is going back to school. Matt is also a singer for a couple different jam bands. Congrats Matt! 

Northway Spotlight of the Week: Nicole Spangenberg

We want to congratulate Nicole Spangenberg from Laporte, MN as our Spotlight for this week. This is Nicole’s second semester in Northway and she is also our Creative. She joined Northway to learn more about Advertising & Design and to get a real life experience. Nicole loves playing with her two kids, Cyrus 8 and Gabriel 5. She has two pets a cat named Cleo and a fish named Nemo. Her greatest accomplishment is being a single mom and going to school, full time. Her life goals are to graduate college with honors and work with Advertising and Design.

Northway Spotlight of the Week: Victor Bruno

Victor Bruno is Northway’s Project Manager. Victor is from Foley, MN. He joined Northway to get real world experience and be as prepared as possible when he enters the industry. For fun, Victor likes to play guitar and Minecraft. He has 2 dogs & 6 cats. His greatest accomplishment was/will be the development and release of his band’s first studio album. He has addictions to Minecraft, preforming on stage with his band Hollow and designing websites and print media. Good Job Victor!

Northway Spotlight of the Week: Ashley Freeman

The Northway Spotlight of the week is Ashley Freeman from Annandale, MN. Ashley is Northway’s Project Manager & Creative. Ashley’s favorite season is fall because she loves the changing colors and the crisp air. She also has a cat named Skittles. Her greatest accomplishment is completing the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk with her sister who was battling it. Her life goals are to be successful and happy. Ashley also comes from a family of 7 kids and has 9 nieces and nephews. Way to go Ashley, Keep up the good work! 

Northway Notes for January 28th-31st

This week Northway was pretty busy! We started Monday off by going into the computer lab and learning how to correctly label files and how to combine PDF’s. The Account Executives also did a client call with our CEO alternative, Kelsey Zachman. Tuesday we went over our Northway Calendar, we also created a potential client list and the AE’s split the client list and have started calling. Wednesday seemed to fly by. We had our first client at 11:00 which was The Oliver Acreage. A Bed & Breakfast with a separate Barn Lodge, located 8 miles from Gull Lake, MN. We also had our group picture for the semester. Not only is it on here but also on our Facebook page: Thursday was also a very busy day for Northway, two clients! With the help of our AE Nicole Liesch, we started off with Clearwater Columbaria at 11. After meeting with them, our other AE Nick Fitch introduced us to our next client, Great River Family Practice. Next week looks just as busy so stay tuned! Stay warm and have a great weekend!