The Northway Group

The End of a Semester, The Beginning of a New Generation of Northway

We have been amazed and delighted by the level of talent that this semester has produced. Our first-time Northway members wowed not only TNG veterans, but our clients as well. The extraordinary level of talent displayed over the past 15 weeks will only serve to enhance TNG’s reputation and standing. Here is the semester’s final list designers and which client chose their work:

Adam Vogel – Boys and Girls’ Club

Katie Carlson – 4Seasons Window and Carpet Cleaning

Tara Schroeder – Allied Chiropractic
Liz Bromenschenkel – Kenney Printing

Tara Schroeder and Ben Erlichman – NY Gyro Hut

Andrea Yurczyck, Melissa Kenney, Ashley Pipenhagen,
& April Kortlever, and Laura Hill – Cone Castle

Katie Roufs, Cat Gilliam, Ben Erlichman, Ashley Pipenhagen,
& Victor Bruno – Winter’s Family Chiropractic

Tara Schroeder, Andrea Yurczyk – St. Joe’s Farmer’s Market

Sam Stawski, Laura Hill, Liz Bromenschenkel – Sentry Bank

Melissa Kenney – Cathedral High School

Katie Carlson – Minnesota Mittens

Wow! Has it been 16 weeks already? TNG would like to send out a big thank you to all of our clients for being the reason we continue to exist.

Happy Holidays, and see you next semester!