A brief glimpse into the life and story of Cory O'Donnell

Chapter 1

Here's a little history of the early years

I arrived to this earth on January 28th 1984 in Minneapolis, MN to my loving Mother Colleen. I was born 3 months pre-mature with some minor health issues, but I was a fighter and still kicking to this day. I have spent most my life in Minnesota with minor hiatus living in California while serving in the United States Marine Corps.When returning back to Minnesota I lived some more life and put down some roots. The story starts in Minnesota and now rooted in Minnesota. The child hood was a fun ride, I have always been a kid up for adventure.

Growing up I was always seeking adventure. I grew up with a single Mother but she always made sure I was able to experience life and never go without. I spent my school days in Minnesota and most of my summers in Ohio. Family has always been important in my life even as a young child. My Mother was born in my MN but as a child the family relocated to OH for my Grandpas job, hence why OH got my summers. Some of my favorite childhood memories where made in OH with my cousins.

The short Ohio List of favorites:

Minnesota was also good to me as a child don't worry I didn't forget about my home state in my childhood. I have so many memories growing up in a wonderful state with 4 seasons. I was able to experience so many different things like

and so many more, just simply to many to list.

Growing up was all in Minnesota but with a single Mother we tending to move every time the lease was up and the rent was able to be increased. So I have seen a few cities and suburbs during my childhood. I was lucky enough to settle in long enough to only have to go to one high school, that was a blessing and helped to let me be involved in activates. I really enjoyed

After high school I bounced around in life for awhile going to college in Mankato at Minnesota State University Mankato. I was not sure what I wanted to do so I moved back to the cities worked some dead end jobs then off to the Marines. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, near San Diego California. The weather out there is nothing to complain about, beautiful year round, riding my GSX 750 , living it up. Going on deployments, seeing the world, then getting injured and sent home. Decided to go back to Minnesota and plant some roots.

Came back to Minnesota, finish college, started a family, chasing the American Dream. I might have lived a lot of life but life really takes on new meaning when you have a family to call your own. That's when Chapter 2 of my life really started to take shape.

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